Write Better for Social Media

Writing for social media can seem pretty easy from the outside, however there is quite a complex thought process behind these posts. Personally, I have struggled with this. At the beginning of this semester in my advanced social media class, I could not get an A on a blog post to save my own life. I did not understand how to portray my voice, what writing style to use, or what to write about. And I bet you have struggled or continue to struggle with these things too. I feel your pain! I really do. I am constantly learning how to improve my writing for social media, and I figured it is about time I share that knowledge with you. This blog is dedicated to writing, specifically for social media.

What should I write about?

Choosing your topic can be the easiest or hardest step in your process. Regardless, it will remain the most important. Kedzie Teller with Outbound Engine says that four great ways to come up with content are as follows:

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Find good sources.
  3. Share only content important in today’s environment.
  4. Focus mostly on your audience, not yourself.

I went through a similar version of this process while choosing what to write about today… Blog Inception. Finding a process that works for you, and sticking to that process is what makes great, consistent writers. Everyone’s process is different, so do your research and find what works for you!

How should I write my content?

Once you have figured out what to write, you might start wondering how to get there. As you can guess, I have been there. In those moment, Google was my best friend. Todd Clarke with Hootsuite advices his readers to “barf it out.” Avoid writers block by writing any and every thought that crosses your mind. Many times when we simply get words flowing out of our brains, the flood gates will open. Clarke says to do this while keeping in mind that you want to make your audience feel seen and appreciated. Write specifically to them, and make your work easy to understand. Do this by staying focused and simple. Don’t try to over complicated your work, that turns people off. Try including pictures, videos, diagrams or anything else you can think of to make your social media post more fun!

Who do I write for?

The last stop in this blog post is at the topic of identifying your audience. Without knowing your audience, social media writing will feel meaningless, or trivial. How can you write with purpose if you can’t even think of who will be receiving your work? Melonie Dodaro with Social Media Today has found that doing research on your platform and specific target group can warrant success. She says to start by identifying basic demographic information on your audience, and then dive deeper into their interests and habits.

The road ahead is long and you will continue to learn as you go.

So keep on going!